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Who needs a will and how do you use it

Who needs a will?

Generally, all adults should have a will.  As we age, we maybe have a family and accumulate more wealth and either of these circumstances make it more urgent that we have a will.

What happens if I die without a will?

Without a will, you have no say or control. The court appoints someone to be guardian for your minor children and to administer your estate. Your assets are distributed according to your states’ rules. 

What is a class?

A class is a way of referring to a group of people as they are related to you in the same way.  Common examples are children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces/nephews.

Why is it better to name a class rather than individuals?

As long as you do not want to exclude any member of the class, it is easier to just name the class,  If you want to exclude one member of the class than you have to name each member individually. For example, it is easier because you are writing your will and your daughter is pregnant with her third child.  In the will you could give gifts to child A and child B but you couldn’t give to the expected baby ( child C) because that child does not have a name.  However, if you gave a gift to “grandchildren “child A, B and C would benefit.

When should I name individuals rather than a class?

You should name individuals when you only want to benefit certain members of a class or you want them to benefit differently. For example, if you want to name only one of your children or if you want each member of a class to have a greater or a smaller share of your assets.



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