Creating a Health Care Proxy
Find out more about creating health care proxies or powers of attorney for healthcare

How do I create a Health Care Proxy?

Thanks to Gentreo, you can easily create your own health care proxy that is specific to your needs and legal in your state.  Simply join Gentreo to create your account, complete the survey, print out your health care proxy and execute it.  Then, upload it to your Gentreo Digital Vault and share it with the friends and family members you select to be part of your team. 

What do you do with a completed form?

Once your form is completed, it should be stored your the Gentreo Digital Vault, which allows you to give access to specific family and/or friends.  A copy should also be given to your doctor(s).

What if I have additional instructions for my agent?

It is helpful for your health care agent to know what you would want so that he/she can make the right decision for you.  


Please detail any additional specific instructions you may have about your health care on your health care proxy form. Hopefully, you have taken the time to select an appropriate health care agent who knows you best and who you trust to make the right decision for you.

It is up to you if you want to include optional instructions. Remember, it is often difficult to anticipate what situations might be faced and some additional instructions could cause confusion, delays in decision making and other unintended consequences.

Are there any additional documents in regards to health care decisions?

Yes.  Some states allow you to create a living will.  Also, most states have a type of “OLST” form, Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.  These forms are for individuals who are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.  

Who do I tell about my health care proxy?

Once you complete your health care proxy, it’s important that your agent, doctor and loved ones know that you have it completed and where it is stored.  


It’s extremely important that not only do they know that you have it, but they can get access to it in a timely manner.  If you go to the hospital, take a copy of the health care proxy with you or give your representatives access to your health care proxy in your Gentreo Digital Vault so they can provide the hospital with a copy of your health care proxy.


Additionally, you may want to grant access to your health care proxy to your family, lawyer, clergy or friends.  Never keep a health care proxy in a safe deposit box as it makes it extremely difficult to retrieve.  Instead, keep it safe in your Gentreo Digital Vault.



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