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Fast, Easy and Affordable Powers of Attorney

If you are unable to make financial decisions for yourself, who makes them?  Someone you know and want to be making decisions, or someone the court picks?

Unfortunately, sickness and accidents happen.  These episodes bring families together but can also tear them apart.  But with a power of attorney, you control who will manage your assets and financial matters.  A power of attorney can save time, money and relieve emotional stress.  With Gentreo, creating a power of attorney is easy, fast and affordable.  

How to complete a power of attorney

  1. Know what you’re signing. Start by reading your power of attorney in its entirety. 

  2. Choose who you want to name as your primary attorney in fact.  This should be the person that you trust the most to manage your finances in the manner that you would want.  Your attorney in fact must be 18 or older; legally competent and willing to make decisions on your behalf. Another factor to consider is time-does your named attorney in fact have time to do the work for you?

  3. Next, have conversations with your named attorney in fact.  Does he/she agree to serve in the role?  Will he/she be available?  Is he/she familiar with your assets/banking information?  Have you uploaded your asset information to your Gentreo Family Vault and shared it with him/her?

  4. Complete your power of attorney form. 
    You don’t need a lawyer to complete a power of attorney. Gentreo quickly and easily walks you through the steps needed to complete and execute a power of attorney on your own.

  5. Print your power of attorney and sign it in front of a notary public.  Technically in some states, it is not legally required that your power of attorney be witnessed or notarized. However, as a matter of practicality, the overwhelming majority of financial institutions will want to see a notary seal to have the power of attorney be recognized as valid.

  6. Congratulations, your power of attorney is complete!  Your power of attorney is valid as soon as it is signed.  It doesn’t need to be filed with the courts, but rather kept in a safe but accessible location (like online in your Gentreo Family Vault), where your attorney in fact can easily get access to it in the event of an emergency.


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