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5 at Home Activities on My To Do List During Social Distancing

I always imagined that if I was stuck at my house I would embrace my sofa and Netflix for days on end! The reality is very different.

If you are like my family, you’ll have a list that never seems to get done because of kids schedules, social engagements and the usual chores. So it’s time to embrace social distancing. Here is my home activities to do list during social distancing.

1. Paint the hallway. I’ve had the bucket of paint for almost a year, it’s time to make it happen!

2. Go through paperwork. I’m sure everyone knows exactly where the pile of paper or file cabinet is that needs organizing and shredding!

3. Clean the closets. It’s time already. Every closet needs organizing and as they say if it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to get rid of it!

4. Spend quality time with my family. We actually have time to spend together. Reading, working on puzzles, chatting. With busy schedules, quality time is often neglected.

5. Plan my estate. Here’s the big one. I have time to work with my partner on our estate plan. We have discussed it previously but never put pen to paper. It’s time to get this one done. But while every other to-do is easily done at home, this one can appear tricky. Our plan is to use Gentreo. It’s an online tool that allows us to create state specific and legally binding documentation from the comfort of home. Now is the time to get this done!

Let us know how you plan to use your social distancing time. Are you creating those photobooks, organizing your garage? We want to hear from you! Shoot us a message with the hashtag #SocialDistancingPlans.

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