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Even Though It’s Turkey Season, Get Your Ducks in a Row

As we gather together to give thanks this week, probably cook up a storm, and try to sneak in some football, take advantage of all of your family being together in one place. These days, that rarely happens with so many of us spread around the globe. Many articles have been written about Thanksgiving being the perfect time to talk about estate planning – wills, health care proxies, powers of attorneys and more. At Gentreo, www.gentreo.com, you don’t have to just talk, you can do it. With our on-line, state specific estate planning tools for creating, storing and sharing the state-specific documents you need, you can Protect, Share and Relax™ knowing your family is protected.


Gentreo helps everyone in your family create, update and store a complete and secure health and estate plan. Whether it is a will, a health care proxy or more, learn and complete what you need to protect your family members’ choices and assets. Don’t leave decisions up to the courts. And, don’t be fooled thinking you don’t need a will to protect your family. Even those with barely anything will have to go to court. Our Chief Technology Officer had to pay $10,000 to close his grandmother’s $5,000 estate because she didn’t have her ducks in a row.


Documents and information are no good unless you can use them. The Gentreo Vault is the easiest way to securely share your plan and documents with anyone. Our Gentreo lawyer has practiced as an estate planning attorney for more than twenty years. Week after week, she constantly met with clients who thought their parent had a will. Or, they thought their dad had a health care proxy, but just couldn’t find it. If you can’t find it, then you can’t use them and the courts must get involved. While you should be at someone’s side, holding their hand during dire times, instead, you will be in court fighting for decisions that had already been made.


Gentreo keeps everything up to date and available with one click when you need it. You get the latest copy of your will, power of attorney, pet power of attorney and more. You get the latest updates as to legal changes in your state. And, you know the ones that you love have the important information you want them to have and only the information you select. And, if you change your mind, click and take away their access.

Save your family time, money and angst. Thursday, when the talk over turkey comes to family and estate planning, change the conversation to doing. Get your ducks in a row; join Gentreo today at www.gentreo.com.

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