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Gentreo revolutionizes the legal and financial aspects of eldercare and estate planning to help you protect your financial choices and your assets.  Our step-by-step walk through guides you through creating the legal documents you need to protect your choices, your life and your family.


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Gentreo makes creating your power of attorney easy.

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A Power of Attorney Can Protect Your Financial Choices and Assets - Find Out How

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that lets a person select in advance who he/she can trust and would like to act on his/her behalf in case they are unable to make their own decisions. The person who will be selected to act on the behalf of POA is known as the agent. There are two main types of powers of attorney known as financial and medical.

The medical power of attorney is commonly known as the health care proxy that will allow the agent to take the decisions related to the care and treatment of the person. On the other hand, with a financial power of attorney, the agent will be able to take the financial decisions. You are free to appoint a single person to take both financial and medical decisions on your behalf. 

What you can do with power of attorney

The appointed agent can have narrow or broad powers when it comes to power of attorney. It depends on how your POA has been written. Here are some of the decisions that can be made using the power of attorney:


  1. The type of care and treatment you can receive. It depends on the financial status as well.

  2. The care providers and doctors who would be assigned for the treatment

  3. Where you would live in your old age according to your financial status.

  4. Who will take care of your and what you will eat


  1. The agent will get the access to your financial accounts, so he/she can pay for the housing needs, healthcare and other bills

  2. File the taxes on your behalf

  3. Make decisions related to investments

  4. Pay and collect your debts

  5. Maintenance of your property

  6. Apply for public benefits

Gentreo makes creating your power of attorney easy, fast and affordable. Join today to start protecting your decisions.

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