Gentreo was founded with the belief that everyone should be able to protect their choices and assets. 

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BOSTON, MA — May 20, 2019 — Estate planning is no longer just for the wealthy. Gentreo,, a new company out of Boston, MA, is making estate and eldercare planning tools available for everyone. Gentreo provides users with information to not only learn about what estate planning is, but to easily create and save personalized and state-specific essential documents and share them on-line with friends and family.

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Gentreo is a team of eldercare, legal, business and software experts that came together to make the financial and legal aspects of estate planning easy, fast, affordable and accessible for the over 177 Million Americans who need it today.   

Instead of spending thousands in legal fees, Gentreo provides families with an easy-to-use, guided solution that allows users to create their own estate plans. Users complete, store and share documents like wills, health care proxies, powers of attorney, trusts and more.


Estate planning documents don’t do much good if people can’t find them or know critical information to act on those documents.  Once users create their state-specific and legally-binding documents, Gentreo lets users upload notarized documents and other important information into their secure Gentreo Digital Vault. Then, they invite friends and family to join their team (which is free) and users choose what specific documents and information to share and with whom. 

About Estate Planning

Are you prepared for an emergency?

We never know when emergencies will occur.  Will you be prepared?  

If something happens and you end up in the hospital for an extended period, are you prepared?

  • Who would care for your children?

  • Who would pay your bills like your mortgage, car payments or insurance payments?

  • What if your family must make decisions like to keep you on life support?  Do they know what you want?

  • Who takes care of your pets and do they have the authority to get them care without you there?

  • And, if you did pass away, what happens to your children, pets and belongings? 

  • Even if you have done all your planning, will your family be able to find the information they need?


Estate planning helps you decide now what you want to happen to you, your family and your possessions if you can’t do it yourself.  What takes minutes now could potentially cost your family thousands of dollars in legal fees and un-needed stress.

What are the parts of estate planning?

Estate planning lets your create legal documents to protect your wishes and assets including:

  • Power of Attorney – Allows someone to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so for yourself

  • Health Care Proxy – Allows someone to carry out your pre-designated health choices or make them on your behalf if you cannot do so yourself

  • Will – Sets up guardians for children and disburses assets after someone’s death

  • Pet Care Documents - Allows someone to get care for your pet when you can't be there
  • Emergency Card – Provides critical information that you can carry with you and share online

  • Digital Vault – Knowing what your wishes are is only part of the estate planning process.  Being able to find that information so that doctors, schools, businesses, etc. can act on that information is a critical step that’s often overlooked.

Why is estate planning so important?

There are dire consequences to not doing estate planning both for you and your family

  • Unneeded stress – Your family could be forced to go to court and waste time to make hard decisions that you could have made yourself.  Plus, they may not know what your wishes are, which could lead to family conflict.

  • Things don’t get done – Children don’t have a legal guardian, bills don’t get paid, accounts can’t be closed or changed.

  • Wasted time – In an emergency, families must spend time having courts establish who can make your decisions so that doctors/banks/businesses know who can act on your behalf. Would your family rather be with you or in a court room?

  • Added costs – Families spend thousands on lawyers and court fees fighting for what they think you want.

  • Courts and strangers end up making your decisions

How does Gentreo make estate planning better?

Estate planning isn’t just for the rich and now, everyone can take control of their assets and choices.  Gentreo makes estate planning easy, fast, accessible and affordable.


Instead of paying thousands on lawyers, Gentreo gives users the tools to create their own state-specific, legally binding documents that protect their family, choices and possessions. We teach users what they need, give them easy-to-use surveys to help them prepare documents, walk them through the steps to make their documents legally binding in all 50 states and give them the tools to securely store and share their choices and information.

Gentreo sells directly to users and also works with partners, like banks and insurance companies, to provide co-branded solutions to customers. Contact one of our team members for more information how you can offer estate planning solutions to your customers. Contact Us


People said they don’t prepare legally and financially for aging because they:

 “hadn’t gotten around to it” (47%), and they “don’t have enough assets to leave to anyone” (29%).

The Results

This causes huge burdens for families (mostly women), and loss of assets and choices. It clogs the legal system and costs businesses and families thousands in fees, lost time and lost wages.

Huge and Growing Market

“In less than four years, 50% of the U.S. population will be 50+.  They’ll not only control 70% of the nation’s disposable income, but they also stand to inherit $15 Trillion in the next 20 yrs.”


(Nielsen Marketing, 2016)


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