Protect your pets with Gentreo.

We love our pets like family. Gentreo helps you make sure your pet is cared for according to your wishes, and provide for them if something happens.

Protect your pets with Gentreo

We love our pets like family. Gentreo helps you make sure your pet is cared for according to your wishes, and provide for them if something happens.

Gentreo helps you care for and protect your pets

Our pets rely on us to care for them, but we can’t always be there in person. Gentreo helps you prepare a Pet Information Sheet to share with pet sitters or kennels to ensure your pet’s needs are met while you’re away. With Gentreo’s Pet Power of Attorney, you can appoint a caregiver for your pet and set aside money for their care if something happens to you. And our Pet Trust helps you protect and provide for your pet if they outlive you.

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$ 150 per year, $50 a year thereafter
  • Pet Information Sheet
  • Pet Power of Attorney
  • Pet Trust
  • Start Creating Documents for Free
  • Store and Share from a Secure Digital Vault

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What is a Pet Information Sheet?

When you hire a pet sitter or drop your pet off at the kennel, your Gentreo Pet Information Sheet is a go-to resource for all of the important information about your pet’s care. It includes information about your pet’s emergency contact, vet, insurance, feeding schedule, walk routine, microchip, medical history, medications, and any other details you want to note. 

A Pet Information Sheet has all of the details that someone needs to care for your pet’s everyday needs as well as in an emergency.

Protect your pet with a Pet Power of Attorney. Assign who will care for them if you can’t, how they should be cared for, and financial limitations for their care.

What is a Pet Power of Attorney?

A Pet Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you can appoint someone to make decisions about your pet’s care and express your wishes about the nature and cost of that care. All pet owners can complete a Pet Power of Attorney to make sure that their pets are taken care of in their absence or incapacity.

What is a Pet Trust?

A Pet Trust is a legal document that helps to protect you, your pets, and your pet’s caregiver. Make sure your pets get the care they need if they should outlive you. With a Pet Trust, you can provide for your pet if something happens to you, by setting financial provisions for their care and appointing a Caregiver, Trustee and Protector to manage the trust according to your wishes.

Provide for your pet if you should pass away before they do with a Pet Trust. 

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