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Estate Planning for Credit Unions

No one can predict the future, but you can help your members prepare for it

At Gentreo, understand the importance of safeguarding your members’ futures, and with our comprehensive online estate planning tools, you can empower your members to protect their loved ones and secure their legacies. Through this partnership, your credit union can provide an invaluable service to your members while enhancing their financial well-being.

Estate Planning: A Vital Step Towards Financial Security

Did you know that 80% of Americans don’t have an estate plan? 

Without proper planning, individuals risk losing control over their choices, jeopardizing family relationships, incurring substantial legal fees, and causing unnecessary stress during challenging times. With Gentreo as your trusted partner, you can offer your members a solution that addresses these concerns head-on.

Why Choose Gentreo? 

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Nationally Recognized – From the US News and World Reports to Real Simple Magazine to the AARP and more, Gentreo is acknowledged as one of the best online estate planning tools available. Our platform is lauded for its affordability, comprehensiveness, secure storage, instant access, and regular updates—all available at an affordable, flat rate.

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Comprehensive and Affordable We offer a complete suite of state-specific, legally binding documents that guide your members through every step of creating a personalized estate plan like a Will, Power of Attorney for Finances, Health Care Proxy, Living Trust, Pet Trust, and more… Best of all, everything is included for one price!

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Plans That Work For You – Whether you want to buy seat licenses as a member benefit (starting at just $25 per member!) or offer a revenue share (% based off number memberships sold) or even simply offer a discount code, our team can help you create a plan that works for you and your members.

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Free Educational Materials – Your credit union and your members gain access to a wealth of educational resources that simplify the estate planning process. Empower your members to make informed decisions about their financial futures with co-branded webinars, blogs, newsletters and more.

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Easy for You and Your Members Gentreo provides everything you need to introduce and onboard your members like email templates, brochures, co-branded websites, webinars and educational materials. Best of all, all onboarding materials are free! Plus, we make it easy for everyone to create a plan that works for them.

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Peace of Mind – By partnering with Gentreo, you’re ensuring that your members’ most sensitive documents and information are stored securely and are always accessible when needed.

At Gentreo, we believe that estate planning should be accessible to all. Our platform caters to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring that their estate plan reflects their specific circumstances and wishes.

Create Personalized, Legal Documents

 Our platform guides users through the creation of state-specific, legally binding documents, ensuring that their estate plan adheres to local laws and regulations.

Free Updates & Support

 Life is ever-changing, and so are the circumstances that require adjustments to your estate plan. Gentreo offers free updates and easy-to-follow guides to ensure that your members’ plans remain current.

Securely Store & Share

The Gentreo Digital Family Vault provides a secure space for storing essential documents and critical information. It’s easily accessible to authorized individuals during emergencies, ensuring that your members’ wishes are honored.

Personalized as Life Changes

Gentreo is meant for everyone – whether it’s a young adult just headed off to college, a family just getting started, a child caring for their parent, or a senior making sure their affairs are in order. We have tools throughout life’s milestones that help them create and update a plan that works for them.

Get Started Today

Partner with Gentreo to offer your members a vital tool that safeguards their future and provides peace of mind. To get started or schedule a free educational webinar for your members or employees, contact us at today. Together, we can help your members protect what they love, save time and money, and prepare for the future with confidence.