Resources to help you care for your elderly parents.

Through numerous resources from Gentreo and our partners in eldercare and planning, you’ll learn how to better care for and protect your aging parents.

Complete care requires planning.

Often times, we forget to plan for our old age until we’re there, but it’s important to have a plan in place. As your elderly parents age and require more care, you can help them plan ahead to ease the confusion and relieve the stress associated with eldercare.

Use the following checklists to help your parents complete their estate plans, so that everyone knows their wishes in the event that something happens. 

Gentreo's Estate Planning Checklist

Gentreo's Get Prepared Checklist

What is Estate Planning?

Watch this FREE webinar to make sure your family is protected and everyone knows what to do when life happens. Learn what an estate plan is and how to create one based on your life and choices – quickly and affordably. Find out how to store and update important documents and information so everyone knows where to turn. Plus, discover ways to encourage your family members to prepare now and create their own estate plan. Hosted by estate planning attorney Mary Kate D’Souza, this free webinar will give you the opportunity to learn how to create the plan that works for you and how to help those you love.

Benefits of Gentreo Online Estate Planning

Gentreo makes it easy for you to create a custom, comprehensive estate plan and we give you the tools to coordinate with your family so everyone knows where important information and documents are, and how to access them in an instant.

With Gentreo, you can work with your family to create the estate plan that’s best for you and your loved ones.

Caring for Aging Parents in Transition

Gentreo has partnered with OneBody3 to provide helpful resources for people caring for aging parents. Aging parents is a change that is unavoidable and can create an immense amount of stress and conflict in our lives. When stressed, it becomes more important than ever to understand the way that we connect to others by understanding our needs and our preferred method of resolving conflict. 

Additional Eldercare & Planning Resources