A Lifelong Estate Planning Resource

Gentreo lets users create, store, and share their estate planning documents and important information. All your documents (like your Will, Living Trust, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, Pet Trust, and more) are included for one price.

It’s a tool that’s with you throughout your life, with guidance through life’s milestones. It’s support, connections to licensed attorneys in all fifty states, a tool to create legacy messages for loved ones, funeral planning resources, and more.  It’s the digital home you and your family can turn to throughout life.

Everything included for one price!

$ 150 first year
$50 per subsequent year
  • Easy onboarding
  • Core Gentreo documents
    (Will, Living Trust, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney & Pet documents)
  • Secure Digital Vault
  • Annual estate plan checkup
  • Unlimited document revisions
  • Step-by-step action plans
  • Funeral wishes

What you get with Gentreo

Everything you need to be protected. Gentreo offers a complete, legal estate plan including your Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Pet Power of Attorney, Pet Trust, and more.


Create the state-specific legal documents you need, then save and share them and other important information securely online with anyone you choose.

Secure Storage

Store your documents, information, and video messages for loved ones in the Gentreo Digital Vault, so your documents and information are just clicks away. 

Up to Date

We provide constant monitoring and easy, unlimited updates, so your documents are always current as your life and the law changes.


Gentreo offers live customer support and help along the way.

Peace of Mind

Make funeral arrangements and get your affairs in order so you can relax, knowing everything you need to manage and update your estate plan is just a few clicks away.

Membership FAQs

Gentreo is about more than just creating your documents; we want to help you use those documents and protect your family. Gentreo seeks to be your umbrella for life’s rainy days. We will be there with you to help you keep your plan updated to your changing life circumstances. Gentreo is the digital homebase to turn to when an emergency happens.

As a Gentreo member, you can create your documents, upload them into your Digital Vault and share them with whomever you choose. In addition, you can set up a digital home for everyone to turn to in the event of an emergency. From your estate planning documents to critical information like digital and financial assets, medical information, your pet’s information or contacts, your digital vault lets you share crucial information with friends and family. Documents aren’t lost, everyone has the information you want to share with them, and it is accessible from anywhere with just a few clicks. 

Plus, as a Gentreo member, you can update your documents as needed. Any time laws in your state change, we’ll notify you and let you know how those changes could affect you. Most importantly, as your life or your decisions change, you can update your documents so they protect your choices, your assets and your family. 

Finally, we’ll be adding more features to your membership in the future, and you’ll be the first to get access. From new documents (like additional types of Trusts) to updated storage and ways to share your legacy, your membership benefits will grow as we do!

If you choose not to continue your membership, your documents remain yours to do with as you wish. But, if you no longer have a membership, you lose access to your Digital Vault and members of your Gentreo Circle will lose access to any information that you shared with them. Be sure to download all your documents before you cancel your account. If you need to make changes after your account ends, you’ll need to re-enter all information because your information is deleted once you end your subscription for security purposes.  

Your aging parents can also complete their individual documents. They can add you to their Digital Vault so that you can care for them if something happens.

If you want to cancel for any reason during the first seven days of your membership, there is no penalty and your subscription fee will be refunded in full. If, after seven days, you choose to cancel your account, you will be charged the full first year cost of the membership. After year one, you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

If you have additional questions or need help, email us at info@gentreo.com and one of our team members will reach out.