Your Digital Family Vault.

A secure way to digitally store your important documents and information.

  • Instant access
  • One click away
  • Choose family and friends to connect 

Your Gentreo Plan Includes the Digital Family Vault

$ 150 for the first year, $50 a year thereafter
  • Protect Your Loved Ones with a Complete Estate Plan
  • Create all your documents for one price!
  • Store and share your documents with those your love
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Instant access is everything.

In an emergency, no one should have to scramble to find important documents. You and your loved ones can easily get to everything online, from anywhere.

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Securely store your documents and share them with your loved ones from your Gentreo Digital Family Vault.

Safe, secure and one click away.

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Gentreo helps my husband and I sleep at night knowing our kids are protected if (God forbid) something happens to us.

Gail F.

Store Your Documents Securely in a Digital Family Vault

It’s not just about creating your estate plan, it’s about making sure that your loved ones know what your choices are and how to access the documents and information you need.

The Gentreo Digital Family Vault is a solution for families to store critical documents and information so that everyone knows what your choices are and how to get access to all they need to make sure that your wishes are known and followed.

If there’s an emergency, does your family know how to get to your critical estate planning documents and information like your Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney or Emergency Card?  Storing these documents in the secure and accessible Digital Family Vault is an important part of estate planning and it is your choice to who has access to what information.

Gentreo uses bank-level security to make sure that your information is protected in the Digital Family Vault. You choose who has access to what documents and information and can change permissions at any time. 

As a part of your Gentreo subscription, you can create your own Gentreo Circle and share vital documents and information with your loved ones. Decide who you want to share information with and invite them to join using a free Gentreo Team Membership. For security reasons, circle members must first join Gentreo to access your Gentreo Digital Vault. Team memberships are always free and let them view and download (but not edit) the specific documents and information you choose.

Once you’ve created your team and shared information with them, everyone knows where information is and how to access it online and it is only a few clicks away. No matter if they are out running errands, sitting behind their computer thousands of miles away or in a hospital waiting room, your team shouldn’t have to scramble to find information. Gentreo makes sharing your choices, documents and information easy, fast, and accessible.