Protect your pet's future with a Pet Trust

Set up a trust with funds to provide for your pet’s care if you should become incapacitated or pass away. 

Protect your pet's future with a Pet Trust

Set up a trust with funds to provide for your pet’s care if you should become incapacitated or pass away. 

Your Gentreo Plan Includes a Pet Trust

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Do you need a Pet Trust?

If you love your pets like family, make sure they’ll be taken care of like family. A Pet Trust allows you to protect your pets when you cannot be there, by appointing a caregiver and providing funds for your pets’ care and comfort. 

With a Pet Trust, you can assign a caregiver and fund the Trust with funds to provide for your pets’ care.

Our estate planning service gives you what you need to protect the pets you love.

Simple to create

We guide you through each step so you can customize a full and complete Pet Trust. You can update it any time.

Securely shared

Decide who should have access to your Pet Trust. Then, share it easily and safely.

Instantly accessible

Access your Pet Trust instantly from anywhere if you or your loved ones need it.

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Learn More About Creating a Pet Trust

Estate planning can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Find answers to common questions about Pet Trusts and planning for your pet’s future here.

A Pet Trust is a legally binding agreement providing for the care of your pets or animals in the event you die or become disabled. It’s like a Trust that is set up to benefit specific people or charities, called beneficiaries. In the case of a Pet Trust, it is set up to benefit your pets or animals.

All pet owners should complete a Pet Trust to make sure that their pets are taken care of in the event of their incapacity or death. A Pet Trust is especially important if you feel your pet may outlive you, or they require extensive care. 

If you become ill or incapacitated and cannot take care of your pet, or if you pass away, the Pet Trust kicks in and ensures your pet or animals will be cared for.

Your Gentreo Pet Trust includes assignment of a caregiver for your pet when you cannot be there yourself, as well as parameters for their compensation. You can assign a Trustee and Trust Protector to preserve and defend the Trust. Plus you can store pet insurance details in the Gentreo Digital Family Vault, and keep track of your pet’s medicines, favorite foods, treats, walks and more.

A Trustee is the person who manages the assets in the Trust. The Trustee is responsible for carrying out the terms in the Pet Trust and making sure the funds are being spent accordingly.

You appoint someone you trust to take care and custody of your pet or animals. This person’s responsibility is to adhere to the instructions you provided in the Pet Trust to care for all your pet’s needs.

serves as the watchdog of the Trust, making sure the funds are being used to care for the pet as instructed in the Trust. The Trust Protector is the voice for your pet and holds the Trustee accountable for responsibly managing the funds and terms of the Trust.

It’s up to you which animals your Pet Trust covers. Remember that any pets you don’t list won’t be able to be cared for in your absence or death if they are not covered under the Pet Trust.

With Gentreo, you can add multiple vets and specify which of your animals are treated by which vet.