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What you get with Gentreo

Everything you need to be protected.

Create the state-specific legal documents you need, then save and share them and other important information securely online with anyone you choose.

Gentreo offers a complete, legal estate plan including your Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Pet Power of Attorney, Pet Trust, and more.

Your aging parents can also complete their individual documents. They can add you to their Digital Vault so that you can care for them if something happens.

With easy access to your documents and information from anywhere in the Gentreo Digital Family Vault, your documents and information are just clicks away so you can find them when you need them most. 

We provide constant monitoring and easy updates, so your documents are always current as your life and the law changes. Gentreo makes it easy for you to keep your documents up-to-date.

We are here for you when you need it most. Gentreo was created by experienced attorneys, health care industry professionals, and other industry specialists.

You can get your affairs in order and relax, knowing all that you need to manage and update your estate plan is just a few clicks away.

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Create all the legal documents you need, keep them updated, and share and access them instantly and securely.

It’s peace of mind with the team that has your back. (No expensive lawyers or one-time, cheap throw-away documents that you have to keep track of yourself.)

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