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PODCAST-Estate Planning for your Vacation

Join Jacob this week as he discusses the importance of reviewing your estate plan before jetting off on vacation

What key tasks need to be considered to ensure peace of mind on your next getaway?

In this solo episode, Jacob breaks down the easiest ways to review your plan and ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you are protected.

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PODCAST-Marriage and Estate Planning

In this week’s episode, Jacob Murphy is joined by CEO and founder of Gentreo, Renee Fry. Renee and Jacob explore the misconceptions of marriage as it pertains to estate planning. Renee explains the importance of both partners creating their own personalized estate plans and reveals why this can be so crucial for protecting your assets, healthcare wishes and your children.

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PODCAST-The Aftermath: I Created my Estate Plan. Now What?

Jacob Murphy is joined once again by Julie Fry, one of the founders of Gentreo. In this week’s episode, Julie and I talk about the process after the process of estate planning. Once you have completed creating your documents, what do you need to do next? Julie helps us explore the importance of digital secure storage and the necessity of having a network of loved ones that can easily and efficiently access your documents. Additionally, we discuss the “When”, “Why” and “How” for keeping your estate plan updated as your life changes.

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PODCAST-The Gen Z and Millennial Myths of Estate Planning

Today Jacob Murphy goes through the top 5 most frequent myths he hears working in the estate planning world from young millennials and Gen Z people around his age. I’m not old enough, I don’t have assets yet, it’s too expensive. Nonsense! Let’s look at these myths for what they are and discuss why estate planning is truly for everyone, why you always have more than you think and how crucial planning tools are more accessible than ever.

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PODCAST-A Talk With my Dad About Estate Planning

In this week’s very special episode, Jacob sits down and and has a conversation about estate planning with his father Raymond Murphy. We discuss how Raymond’s experience with estate planning has changed over the course of his years as a lawyer and as Jacob’s father.

We discuss the importance of what an estate plan means in regards to respecting one’s legacy and the value and ease of a tool like Gentreo being used from everything from simple travel all the way to charitable donations after you pass.

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PODCAST-Happiness in Hard Work: The Passion Hypothesis

Join Jacob as he is joined by Adam Spector, a father, partner, multi-time business founder and investor.

In this week’s episode Jake and Adam discuss finding joy and balance between life and career. Is it better to love what you do from the start, or become so good at something that you can’t help but derive joy and passion from it? Adam helps us to explore legacy and the hard work that needs to be done now to preserve it. We will discuss the sacrifices and choices made every day by families and individuals looking to achieve this balance and find out exactly why there is freedom found in hard work.

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