A Sample Checklist of What goes into a Will

A Checklist for what goes into your Will

Here is a basic checklist of items that could go into a will:

  1. Personal Information: Name and address of the testator (the person making the will)
  2. Appointment of an Executor: Designation of the person responsible for carrying out the testator’s wishes in accordance with the will.  The executor is also sometimes called the personal representative in some jurisdictions.
  3. Distribution of Estate: Detailed instructions for the distribution of assets, including real property, personal property, bank accounts, and investments.
  4. Guardianship Designation: Designation of a guardian for minor children.
  5. Specific Bequests: Gifts of specific items to named individuals or organizations.
  6. Residuary Clause: Provision for the distribution of any remaining assets after specific bequests have been fulfilled.
  7. Powers of Appointment: Granting of powers to executor, trustee or other person to manage property on behalf of the estate or named beneficiaries.
  8. Powers of Trustee: Granting of powers to a trustee for the management of trusts established in the will.
  9. Testamentary Trusts: Creation of trusts for specific purposes, such as providing for the care of a disabled family member or minors.
  10. Funeral and Burial Instructions: Instructions for funeral and burial arrangements.

Note: The above list is not exhaustive and may vary based on the jurisdiction and specific needs of the testator.


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