Estate and eldercare planning doesn't have to be expensive;
thanks to Gentreo, now it's not 

The majority of American seniors and their families spend thousands of dollars on legal fees when planning for aging. Even worse, many families are unprepared when they suddenly need eldercare, Medicaid or an estate plan.

"Our family paid over $10,000 for estate planning for my grandparents, which was more than the assets they had remaining at their deaths. All families deserve the same level of planning, but at a cost that is affordable.”


— John Amaral, Co-Founder of Gentreo

Being properly prepared is not just for the wealthy. We believe everyone has the right to get older without worrying about affording estate planning. That’s why we founded Gentreo -- to make proper planning available to all Americans.

"Our father has Alzheimer's. Experience taught us that you should prepare as early as you can for aging issues;
you just can't predict the future and time matters.”




— Renee Fry, Co-Founder of Gentreo


With Gentreo™, we created an easy-to-use, guided online and mobile platform that walks families through the completion and storage of eldercare and estate planning related legal documents.  And, just as important, the Gentreo Digital Vault™ keeps all of your important documents safe until they are needed.  Gentreo™ helps you know what you information and documents should be saved.  Next, Gentreo™ lets you save all the information and your important documents, then share access to items in your vault as you choose.

Gentreo™ was created by a group of individuals who have lived these issues. We know how big the difference an easy, fast and affordable tool to track spending and help with estate planning and issues like completing Medicaid applications would have been in our situations too.

"Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy, it’s for all of us. Thanks to Gentreo, families can now protect their choices and assets. We make it easy, affordable and give you the tools to share your documents and information."

— Julie Fry, Co-Founder of Gentreo

Having a will is not the same as being prepared

We knew that we had to develop a platform like Gentreo because the available software on the market was not based on the necessary legal and eldercare expertise that software like this needs to be to make it easy to use, safe and reliable. Trying to use generic documents to plan important legal matters concerning your health or your children’s inheritance is risky.  Not having access to forms and important documents can make those documents worthless.

Mary Kate Connolly, on our founding team has spent 20 years fighting these same issues in court.

"My law practice consisted of daily court hearings to obtain protective orders for vulnerable elders. If the elder had done prior planning, all the money, time and emotional stress of court could have been avoided. That's why we created Gentreo.”

— Mary Kate Connolly, Certified Lawyer
& Co-Founder Gentreo

With Gentreo™ you are sure that your planning is based on the correct, state specific legal documents. You get the 20 years of legal expertise from an eldercare lawyer licensed in multiple states, almost 50 years of active eldercare expertise from our team, as well as the strategic and technology experience of our founders.


The Gentreo™ team is dedicated to providing you with the safest, easiest and most affordable planning tools available today and tomorrow.  Learn, plan and protect yourself and your family like we want ours protected.

Renee Fry

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  • Entrepreneur with IPO, start-up, strategy, partnership experience

  • Harvard Business School MBA

John Amaral

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  • Built large-scale tech companies

  • Rue LaLa, SmartBargains, Celarix

Julie Fry

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  • 15 yrs eldercare expertise

  • Management team of Nat’l Assoc of Home Care & Hospice, Private Duty Health Care Association

Mary Kate Connolly

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  • Eldercare legal expert

  • Certified lawyer in multiple states


All of the Gentreo™ team is dedicated to providing you with the safest, easiest and most affordable planning tools available that are right for you today and tomorrow.


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