Checklist: How to Create Your Living Revocable Trust with Gentreo

A Trust is a legal relationship that centers on a document where you transfer the legal ownership of your assets to the trust, under the oversight of a Trustee. Creating and funding a Trust helps avoid probate court and streamline the wealth-transfer process for your heirs. It holds assets, like your home and bank accounts, that will be directly inherited by a beneficiary and helps family members immediately access funds. Any assets that are not named within your Trust can be transferred into it upon your passing by way of a Pour Over Will. We understand that planning your estate and creating your Revocable Living Trust and Pour Over Will can seem like a difficult process, but with Gentreo it is easy and affordable. To help guide you through the process even further, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide to help assist you through everything.

Before you start...

  1. Gather contact information for Trustee & beneficiaries
  2. Create a general inventory of your assets
  3. Choose your Personal Representative(s)

Steps to Create My Living Trust

Get all of the details about each step with our helpful checklist!


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