Checklist: How to Create Your Pet Power of Attorney with Gentreo

A Pet Power of Attorney is an important document to make for the protection of your pet. If you were ever unable to make decisions for your pet, for example if you were on a business trip or in the hospital, your Pet Power of Attorney has the authority to make these decisions for you. This is especially important if your pet needs emergency medical treatment and the vet is unable to reach you. Your pet’s caregiver would have your authorization to provide your pet with the best care. You never have to worry that your pet won’t receive the care that they need, no matter the situation. We understand that planning your estate and creating your Pet Power of Attorney can seem like a difficult process, but with Gentreo it is easy and affordable.

To help guide you through the process even further, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide to help assist you through everything. 

Before you start...

  1. Gather contact information for the person you would want to act as Guardian for your pet
  2. Decide what limitations to set and how long the Power of Attorney will be in effect

Steps to Create My Pet Power of Attorney

Get all of the details about each step with our helpful checklist!


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