Checklist: How to Create Your Pet Trust with Gentreo

A Pet Trust is an easy way to ensure that your pet will have a permanent caregiver, and to provide the financial resources to care for your pet if they were to outlive you. You can also assign a Trustee and Protector to ensure your wishes are followed. This ensures that your pet will be protected and won’t be sent to a shelter if you pass away before they do. We understand that planning your estate and creating your Pet Trust can seem like a difficult process, but with Gentreo it is easy and affordable. To help guide you through the process even further, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide to help assist you through everything.

Before you start...

  1. Gather contact information for your pet’s Guardian, Trustee & Protector
  2. Decide what money or assets you want to set aside for your pet’s care

Steps to Create My Pet Trust

Get all of the details about each step with our helpful checklist!


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