Checklist: How to Use Your Digital Family Vault

The Gentreo Digital Family Vault is a safe and convenient way to store all of your estate documentation online and together in one place. It ensures that you and your family can easily access and use those documents if something happens. With the Gentreo Digital Family Vault, everyone knows where to turn in the event of an emergency and instant access is always just a few clicks away. The Gentreo Digital Family Vault can store more than just the documents you created through Gentreo, and can actually store many other essential documents that you might need in an emergency.

You cannot predict the future, but you can plan for it, and the Gentreo Digital Family Vault ensures that you are always prepared.

Before you start...

  1. Gather your estate planning documents, insurance policies, and other information
  2. Prepare an asset list and other documents that supplement your estate plan (i.e. your Will)

Documents & Info to Include in Your Digital Family Vault

Next Steps

Get all of the details about each item and step with our helpful checklist!


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