Estate Planning Checklist – Items to Consider

Things to consider while doing your Estate Plan
  1. Review insurance policies (life, health, disability, etc.) to ensure coverage and beneficiaries are up to date.
  2. Consider creating a will to ensure assets are distributed according to wishes.
  3. Determine lifestyle needs in retirement and consider strategies for ensuring financial security.
  4. Make a list of assets and liabilities to determine total net worth.
  5. Consider setting up a trust to manage assets and provide for dependents in the event of death or incapacity.
  6. Draft a power of attorney document authorizing someone else to make financial and/or health care decisions in the event of incapacitation.
  7. Decide who will be responsible for caring for minor children if something happens to you and your spouse.
  8. Create an advance directive (living will) outlining your wishes regarding end-of-life decisions and medical care in the event of incapacitation.
  9. Consider purchasing long-term care insurance if there is a risk of needing long-term care due to age or illness.
  10. Prepare an inventory of all estate documents, including deeds, titles, bank statements, investment account statements, tax returns, etc., and store them in a safe place that can be easily accessed by family members or other designated individuals when needed.


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