Even Barbie Needs a Will

Barbie Needs A Will

Not all of us have the luxury of living in a life of plastic, that’s fantastic. Even in a world of plastic dreams, fabulous fashion, and friends, even Barbie contemplates death. And that got us thinking about how she protects what she loves: Barbie needs a will and estate plan! You might be thinking, “Wait, isn’t Barbie immortal?” Well, in the movie world, she may be, but just like us, her plastic dreamscape must confront the inevitable. Even Barbie, our iconic plastic idol, needs to get her financial affairs in order.

Barbie’s Brush with Immortality

Before we begin, let’s address the elephant in the room – Barbie’s undying beauty and perpetual youth. We’ve all marveled at her ability to stay forever young while we rack up candles on our birthday cakes. But let’s not forget that her creators, though skilled in the art of doll-making, have not yet discovered the elixir of eternal life.

In a movie that sent shockwaves through the plastic world, Barbie took a moment to ponder her existence. And we realized that just like the rest of us, Barbie is mortal too. We may laugh at the thought of plastic dolls needing a will, but as we’ve learned, when Barbie steps into the real world, she needs to get her affairs in order.

Securing Barbie’s Legacy

As Barbie has built her dream career and amassed an empire of pink, she’s also gained numerous valuable assets. From the Malibu Dream House and camper to the extensive collection of trendy outfits and accessories, her empire is worthy of envy. The big question now is, “Who will inherit all that pink fabulousness?”

Without a will and estate plan, Barbie’s empire could be left in shambles. Ken isn’t her spouse, so he’s left with nothing. Unless she set up a will or a trust where he’s the beneficiary, her sisters most likely would be cruising in the Barbie Convertible as Ken’s left surfing alone in the Malibu waves. Barbie needs to ensure her assets end up in the right hands. 

Choosing Her Heirs Wisely

If Barbie doesn’t have a will, the state’s laws might determine who inherits her empire. We wouldn’t want her fabulous collection to end up in the hands of some undeserving scoundrels, right? By crafting a well-thought-out estate plan, Barbie can choose her beneficiaries carefully, ensuring her sparkling wealth goes to those who appreciate and cherish her legacy.

Guardianship for Chelsea and Friends

Let’s not forget about Barbie’s adorable sisters, Chelsea, Stacey, and Skipper. They need someone responsible and caring to look after them should anything happen to Barbie. A will allows her to designate guardians for her loved ones, ensuring they’re taken care of and surrounded by love, pink glitter, and positivity.

Charitable Giving

Barbie is not only a fashion icon but also a role model for millions of children worldwide. With her own charity foundation, she spreads love and happiness to those in need. By including charitable bequests in her estate plan, she can continue supporting causes dear to her heart and be remembered as a symbol of hope and inspiration.

Be Like Barbie

Her adventures may be scripted, and her body may be plastic, but the essence of her story teaches us valuable lessons about life, responsibility, and the importance of planning for the future, no matter how fabulous or fantastical it may be. 

Life is unpredictable, and planning for the future is essential for everyone, even plastic idols like Barbie. So, let’s take a cue from Barbie and embrace the importance of preparing for the inevitable. Whether you’re a plastic icon or an everyday human, having a will and estate plan ensures your legacy lives on, just like Barbie’s timeless allure.

Protecting what we love is the real key to living our best lives, with or without heels! It’s never too early or too late to plan your picture-perfect legacy. Let’s sparkle through life, leaving a trail of love and pink glitter behind us. 


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