Funny Last Wills That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

Death is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. Some people choose to leave behind funny last wills that are sure to make their loved ones laugh out loud. From quirky requests to sarcastic jabs, these last wills show that even in death, humor can still bring joy and laughter to those we leave behind. So without further ado, here are some of the funniest last wills that might be real, or might just be hearsay; we’ll let you decide.

The Meatball Madness

One woman’s last will left her family with a rather unusual request. She wanted to be buried in a giant meatball. Yes, you read that right. The woman, who was known for her love of meatballs, wanted her family to create a 6-foot meatball and use it as her coffin. She even included a recipe for the perfect meatball, so her family would know just how to make it. Talk about a unique burial!

The Cat Lady’s Legacy

When a woman passed away, she left behind a house full of cats. But instead of leaving her estate to her human family members, she left it all to her feline companions. She stated that her cats were to be taken care of for the rest of their lives, and the executor of her estate was to donate any remaining funds to a cat rescue organization. This cat lady knew how to take care of her own.

The Prankster’s Parting Gift

One man’s last will included a rather amusing prank. He left behind a trust fund for his children, but with one catch – they had to change their last name to something ridiculous. The man left behind a list of potential last names, including “Schnozzle,” “Butterworth,” and “Gerbil.” The children were allowed to choose whichever name they wanted, but they had to legally change it before they could receive their inheritance. Talk about a good laugh at their expense!

The Farting Flamingos

When a couple passed away, they left behind a request for their gravestones to be adorned with pink flamingos that would make farting noises when someone walked by. The couple had a sense of humor about their passing, and their request brought laughter to everyone who visited their gravesite. Who knew that farting flamingos could be so entertaining?

The Reverse Inheritance

In one man’s last will, he decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of leaving his estate to his children, he left it all to his ex-wife – with one caveat. She had to spend one night in his haunted mansion before she could receive the inheritance. The ex-wife was not amused, but her children got a kick out of their father’s final joke.

The Grandfather’s Gag Gift

When one man passed away, he left behind a small fortune for his grandchildren. But instead of leaving them money, he left them each cash – but with a catch. The money was covered in a layer of grease and had to be cleaned before it could be spent. The grandfather knew how to make his grandchildren work for their inheritance.

The Celebrity Sighting

One man’s last will left his family with an unusual request. He wanted a celebrity impersonator to show up at his funeral and act like he was a close friend of the deceased. The family followed through on his request, and the impersonator showed up and regaled everyone with stories about the man’s life. Even in death, this man knew how to have a good laugh.

The Mysterious Millionaire

When a millionaire passed away, he left behind a fortune for his children. But instead of giving them a straightforward inheritance, he left them a scavenger hunt. The man had hidden clues all over the world, and his children had to follow the clues to find their inheritance. The hunt took them on a wild adventure, traveling to exotic locations and solving puzzles along the way. In the end, they found the treasure, and the man’s last will proved to be a fun and memorable experience for his children.

The Final Farewell

One man’s last will left his family with a unique request. He wanted to be cremated and turned into a firework. His family followed through on his wishes and launched his ashes into the sky in a spectacular fireworks display. The man’s final farewell was a fitting tribute to his love of fireworks and his unique sense of humor.

The Ultimate Prankster

When a man passed away, he left behind a final prank for his family. He had arranged for a fake body to be placed in his coffin, so when his family came to pay their respects, they were shocked to find that he wasn’t actually there. The man had set up a video camera to capture their reactions, and his family couldn’t help but laugh at his final prank.

These funny last wills show that even in death, humor can bring joy and laughter to those we leave behind. From quirky requests to sarcastic jabs, these last wills prove that death doesn’t have to be a somber affair. Instead, we can choose to leave behind a legacy of laughter and love.

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