Honey, Have You Seen the Car Keys?

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keys left in the door

How the Gentreo Digital Vault Can Help

For many of us, if we had a dollar for every time we had to ask our spouse if he or she has seen the car keys, we would probably be able to afford a chauffeur and never have to worry about keys again. For those of you who never misplace your keys, maybe it’s your phone, wallet, birth certificate, driver’s license or the remote control. The fact is that we lose important things all the time. While losing the remote control may not be the end of the world, losing your will, power of attorney, or health care proxy can be devastating to you and your loved ones. Now, with the Gentreo Digital Vault, you will never have to worry about misplacing your essential estate planning documents or not being able to find them when you need them.

What is the Gentreo Vault?

The Gentreo Family Vault is like a bank safe deposit box; it is just stored in the cloud: an on-line, encrypted, cloud-based storage system. By using the Gentreo Digital Vault, you can safely and securely store vital documents and information. This makes the Gentreo Digital Vault a simple and convenient place to store your important documents.

The Gentreo Digital Vault uses the latest in digital encryption and technology features to protect your data. Only you and the people you authorize can access the information and documents stored in your vault. It also can serve as a secure backup location for your records and important forms like your Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, Will and more.

“Do I Need the Vault? I Never Misplace Anything”

So, maybe you are one of those people who never misplace anything. You know precisely where every receipt, document, and personal item is in your house. Why would you need the Gentreo Digital Vault? Perhaps a quick story can better answer this question:

A few years ago, a newly widowed woman in her late 50’s sold her house, most of her belongings, and moved to a condominium complex. She considered herself a minimalist, a “neat freak,” and slightly obsessive. As such, she had purchased a new, fire-proof box where she stored her estate planning documents.

She put the box in her bedroom closet where it stayed for the next three years. Shortly after her third-year anniversary in the condo, a fire broke out three units away. The fire quickly spread throughout the top floors and consumed the woman’s unit. Fortunately, the woman was on vacation when the fire broke out and did not get hurt. Unfortunately, since she was not home, she could not access her fireproof box. Because the fire was so intense and burned for so long, the fireproof box eventually failed, and all of the documents were destroyed.

In this woman’s case, she had to take on the long and arduous process of preparing new estate planning documents or getting copies of the originals after contacting all involved parties, authorities and more. She sadly learned that fireproof boxes are not guaranteed to protect documents. If this woman had been in a fatal accident while she was away on vacation, her estate planning documents would have been lost forever as she was the only one who knew where to find them or who to contact for originals.

Protect Your Vital Documents

So, even if you never misplace anything, nothing will protect your vital estate planning documents the way that the Gentreo Digital Vault can. And, with the Gentreo Digital Vault, you can choose who has access to your documents and to which or all of those records.

We all lose things and we can all be victims of unforeseen tragedy. It is critical that you protect your estate planning documents — if you don’t the results can be disastrous for you and your family. One of the most secure, efficient and affordable ways to safeguard your documents is with the Gentreo Digital Vault.

For more information, visit us at Gentreo.com. We can help you create a simple and affordable health and estate plan, and a safe place to store it.

Gentreo is not a law firm or a substitute for a law firm, or attorney, or an attorney’s advice or recommendations.


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