How to Make a Bucket List for Life, Travel & Summer

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Have you always wanted to do something adventurous or even something crazy, like skydiving, running a marathon, or traveling to a faraway place? For many people, these are true bucket list items. Let’s explore how to make a bucket list that will help you fulfill that lifelong dream, be it an exotic vacation or just a summer getaway.

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a dream, ambition, or something you want to do before you die. The term came about in reference to “kicking the bucket,” meaning when you pass. But you don’t have to be on death’s door to have a bucket list! 

A bucket list doesn’t have to be just a list of vacations. It can be a job you always yearned for or something you wanted to learn.

Steps to make a bucket list

Writing out a list of things you have been thinking about doing is a great way to motivate yourself to actually doing it. A list will help you to focus on making your dreams turn into reality. Break your bucket list into three categories: Life, Travel, and Summer: 


What new experience would help make your life fulfilled?


What is your dream vacation or place you would want to visit the most?


What summertime adventure have you always wanted to do?

Now that you have your thoughts organized, it’s time to get to get down to business, making your bucket list:

  1. Be Realistic – Don’t just list a bunch of crazy ideas. Make sure your items are what you’ve had your heart set on and can be achieved. Definitely think out of the box and challenge yourself, but at the same time keep it real.
  2. Make it Personal – This is YOUR bucket list. Your dreams and wishes. Don’t be influenced by someone else’s ambitions.
  3. Create Your List – Write your dream items on paper, on a Word doc, or Excel spreadsheet. Even if a few ideas seem far fetched, write them down. Go back later and review them, choosing the ones that are the most important to you.
  4. Be Specific – Don’t just write “I want to travel to Europe.” Write down a particular country, city, or place. If you have a dream goal, spell it out.
  5. Set a Date – Decide on a date you want to accomplish your bucket list items. By setting a deadline of sorts will give you the push you need to plan and carry out your dream.
  6. Share your List – Share your list with loved ones and friends. Talking about it and saying you are going to do it is a great motivation.

Why should I make a bucket list?

There is nothing more rewarding in life than getting out of your comfort zone and achieving a hard-fought goal. A bucket list can help drive you to attain something you may have thought was not possible. Think of the excitement you’ll have just looking at your list. Remember, a bucket list is about living, not dying!

Now is the time to update your estate plan

Before heading off on that bucket list adventure, make sure your estate plan is in order. Don’t have one? Now is the time to create your estate planning documents. If you have an estate plan, review, and update it if needed, especially if you have sold or acquired assets, had a change in marital status, or had children.

Not to be morbid, but you just never know when a life changing event can happen. For example, if you’re traveling somewhere and you should become seriously ill to the point you cannot make your own decisions, a Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney would be able to carry out your health care wishes and manage your financial affairs respectively.

Should the worst-case scenario occur, your Will and Trust ensure your final wishes will be honored. Your assets – property, money, valuables – things you worked so hard for, will go to beneficiaries of your choice.

Are you leaving your pet at home while you’re enjoying your bucket list travels? A Pet Power of Attorney provides instructions and authority to your pet’s caregiver for the care of your pet. A Pet Trust lets you set aside funds to pay for your pet’s care if you should pass away before they do. 

An estate plan is all about protecting you and your loved ones. It will give you peace of mind while you’re away and for the years ahead.


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