How to Stop Worrying About My Pet(s) While I’m on Vacation

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We always want to be there for and take care of our pets. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have everything in place to keep your pets healthy and happy while you’re away. If you’re leaving your furry friend at a kennel, with a pet sitter, or at home with a loved one there are steps you can take to make sure they are taken care of how you would take care of them. Using Gentreo to create a Pet Information Sheet and Pet Power of Attorney is the best way to make sure that your pet is taken care of while you’re on vacation.

How to prepare your pet sitter for your trip

With Gentreo’s Pet Information Sheet, you can provide pet sitters and caregivers with the details about caring for your pet. List your pet’s vet and emergency contact information, note their diet and exercise routines and preferences, point out medications and dosages, and more! You can even list things like your pet’s favorite toys, treats, walk routes, and any other details that will help your pet’s caregiver take care of them as you would.

Create a Pet Power of Attorney just in case

Because pets are legally considered property you have to take legal measures to make sure that they are cared for like family. A Pet Power of Attorney is a fairly new concept but has become more popular in recent times. If you’re leaving your pet with a sitter or caregiver and something happens that requires veterinary or medical treatment, a Pet Power of Attorney may be required for your pet to get the care they need. This is because many vets will not provide expensive treatments without written authorization by the owner, and if you’re unreachable while you travel, your pet’s caregiver will need legal authority to approve the treatment. A Pet Power of Attorney gives them this authority. 

Your Pet Power of Attorney can cover items including but not limited to veterinary care, food, and grooming. There are two main types of Pet Powers of Attorney, a Limited Pet Power of Attorney and a Durable one. 

“Limited” Pet Power of Attorney 

As the name suggests, the power of attorney is only for a set duration of time. You should choose this document if you are going away for a trip in case your pet sitter may need to take your pet to the vet. 

“Durable” Pet Power of Attorney

This form of power is a permanent power to care for your pets. It is not limited by time and takes effect immediately by default. This is a good choice for people you already know and trust to care for your pets, like a close friend or relative.

How to store your documents so everyone knows where to turn

Gentreo Pets includes only the pet-specific documents – a Pet Power of Attorney, Pet Trust, and Pet Information Sheet – and costs $49 per year. Membership includes secure storage in Gentreo’s proprietary Digital Vault, where you can share your pet protection documents with caregivers and other individuals of your choosing. With the Vault, anyone you choose can access documents and information in an emergency with just a couple of clicks. 

Having all your documents in one place makes them easily accessible for your pet’s caregiver. In case of emergency, if you’re traveling, or if you have a pet sitter watching over your pet for a short period of time, this information makes sure your pet is protected and cared for. If something were to happen to your pet while you’re away, having all this information in one place could save precious time. Don’t leave your pet unprotected or your pet sitter uninformed. Join Gentreo Pets today so you can make sure that you can prepare, plan for, and protect your pets.


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