Protecting your family is easy, fast and affordable

Protecting your family and assets isn't hard or time consuming.  Create your will and plan how you want to protect the things that are most precious to you.  Prepare your own will which is tailored to your specifics needs.  Our state-specific instructions help you make your wishes legally binding. Finally, Gentreo helps you securely store your will and share it with those you choose so that everyone is prepared in the event of an emergency.

Protecting What Matters Most

It only takes minutes now to protect your family, choices and assets when you can't.  A will lets you decide who will be the guardian of your children, who will receive your assets and who will manage your estate after you pass away. Don't let strangers or the courts decide who controls your family and most precious possessions.

Fast and Easy ​

Thanks to Gentreo's online will, you can quickly and easily set your wishes and protect your family.  Now you can learn what's right for you, use Gentreo's simple tools to create what you need to protect your choices and share your wishes and important documents with your friends and family.  It's fast, it's legal in all US states and it's easy.

Securely Store and Share

Once you've completed your will, make sure that your loved ones know where your executed document is and how to securely access it through your Gentreo Family Vault.

Create your will now, it's fast, easy, affordable and valid in all 50 states.







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