The Process of Writing an Online Will with Gentreo

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Writing your own Will online with Gentreo is easy, fast and affordable. You can do it on your time; start and stop as you see fit. Plus, Gentreo gives you opportunities to learn and educate yourself and provides answers to many of your questions.   

Gentreo enables you to create your own online Will by asking you a series of questions, so that your online Will reflects your wishes. 

  1. You are asked questions about your family, for example if you are married and/or have children.  
  2. If you have children under the age of 18, you are asked who you want to nominate to serve as their guardian. You also have the option of naming co- guardians and successor guardians.  
  3. You are asked a series of questions related to your assets. For example, are there any specific items of personal property that you want to give, like your pet or an heirloom? 
  4. You also have the option of giving specific cash gifts. Many people chose not to give specific gifts in their online Will and simply divide their estate in the remaining assets section. This means that your estate is either given entirely (100%) to one person or charity or you can split it among as few or many people or charities as you choose.  
  5. Finally, you are asked to nominate a personal representative of your online Will. This is the person that will make sure that your online Will gets probated and your wishes as expressed in your online Will are fulfilled. Similarly, to the guardianship section, you are given the option to name successor personal representatives in case your first choice is unable to serve.

Once you have created your online Will with Gentreo, you need to read it to make sure it reflects your choices. If after reviewing it you are satisfied, you need to get it witnessed and notarized as per your state’s specific instructions. If after review your online Will needs to be changed, with Gentreo, it’s easy to edit it and create a new one. Finally, once your online Will has been signed, witnessed and notarized, be sure to store it in your Gentreo Digital Family Vault and share it with your chosen loved ones.

Creating your online Will is easy with Gentreo’s simple question and answer format. Your online Will is an important tool to protect your choices and care for your loved ones. Complete your online Will today!


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