Our mission is to make it simple for families to create a Health and Estate Family Plan so they can sleep at night.


We believe being protected is a right, not a privilege.

In a world where unknowns seem to be the constant, everyone needs protect their family.
We started with a simple idea: affordably and easily give families the documents they need so they can sleep at night.  Not just a will, it is true state-specific estate planning that is now affordable and available to all.  Next, provide a way for all to share the documents and information so it can be used and not lost or hidden somewhere never to be seen again.

Because we believe everyone deserves to protect what they love most.



Being properly prepared is not just for the wealthy. We believe everyone has the right to protect their family and choices without worrying about affording estate planning. That’s why we founded Gentreo -- to make proper planning available to all Americans.

We're on a mission to help 10 million families protect what matters most to them:  their family, their loved ones, their healthcare choices, their assets and their pets. 

Users create state-specific documents based on their wishes. Then, they can securely store and share documents and information with their circle in their Gentreo Family Vault.  Whenever they need it, members can access and retrieve documents and information from anywhere. We update them if states change their laws and help them update their choices at any time.


Gentreo is led by a seasoned team of estate planning executives,
technologists and leading innovators. We're on a mission to rid you of the stress, cost and
complexity of protecting the people and things that matter most. We believe being pro-
tected is a right, not a privilege. We work vigorously to earn and keep our customer trust.

We are laser focused on one thing and
one thing only: customer success.

Renee Fry

Gentreo CEO

Our Customers

We have helped hundreds of families to protect what matters most by creating a Family Plan.  Help others protect their loved ones and choices by sharing your story.

What We Value

We are committed to protecting families and have lived through the pain and expense of estate planning ourselves. We started Gentreo with a mission to do good and that drives how we run our company-from the services we offer to the way we run our business.


We are honored to be included among a great group of companies. And we are just getting started. From being selected as one of the top female-led companies to listed as one of the top places to get your online will we're out to change the way families do estate planning.

We Are Growing

We are looking for talented, intrepid souls. Come write part of our story.  

If you're mission-driven and interested in creating life-changing solutions for families, contact us today about joining our team.

Where We Are

While we're located in Boston, Gentreo provides state-specific documents for all 50 states and D.C.



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