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Living at Home Safely

When someone determines that their abilities are keeping them from enjoying the full use of their home or safety is a concern, it is important to take a look at what improvements could make a difference. The first step is to find out how their house can meet their individual needs.

Begin by determining your parent's (or your) daily routine and how their home is meeting those needs. Many groups offer on-line, comprehensive home assessments to determine what your needs are and to explain the solutions that will help your loved ones enjoy their home.

If you choose a specialist, it is important they are certified as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist by the National Association of Home Builders. They should meet with you in your parents’ home to assess and determine needs. One’s home should not be an obstacle to normal living. The main goal is to assure that the home is a functional tool for major life activities.

Next, you will want to determine what modifications you need to meet the goals. Professionals may suggest appropriate modifications, however, you should decide what best fits your needs and budget. Professionals should understand and respect the fact that there may be limiting factors to what you, the customer want. Home modifications are about helping your loved ones live life to the fullest while appreciating the costs to do so.

Finding the Solution That Works for You

Community resources may be available to help finance modifications. For example, some contractors can recommend different financing options or suggest ways to save money come tax time. Throughout every stage of the project, you need to make sure that you are the one in charge and that service providers are helping you and meeting your needs.

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