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Make sure all your loved ones have access to what you choose

Your Information - Your Team

Gentreo lets you securely connect your information to the friends and loved ones you choose by creating your own Gentreo Team.  Team members can see only what you share and you can edit permission at any time.  

Your friends and family shouldn’t have to guess where your critical information is in the event of an emergency.  As a part of your Gentreo membership, you can invite your friends and family to access, view and download your documents or information from your Gentreo Family Vault. Those people that you invite are your Gentreo Team.

Free Team Membership

Gentreo team memberships are free for team members. Once they join, team members have 24/7 access to only the information that you share with them. Plus, they can also create their own emergency card. If they want to create their own estate planning documents (like a will, health care proxy, power of attorney, etc.) they need their own package membership.  If they have their own Gentreo plan, they can share their information with you as well.


Your team is specific to you.  If something changes and you want to edit your Gentreo Team, you can add accounts, delete accounts or change what documents and information  you share with your Gentreo Team at any time.

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