The Emotional Side of Estate Planning

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When anyone mentions estate planning, most people think about the paperwork involved, compiling assets, and deciding on beneficiaries. While very important, some may consider it kind of dry stuff. Estate planning, however, has an emotional side. It’s not only about planning to take care of our loved ones after we pass on, but also how we want to be remembered.

Sharing Memories

During our life’s journey, we have amassed many memories with our loved ones – family trips, spending the holidays together, and special life events. Wouldn’t it be awesome to share some of these favorite memories and express feelings with those we leave behind? You can!

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Many people today are leaving farewell messages to family members through a memorial video. For example, Gentreo offers a professional quality video service where you can record personal messages and memories, and combine them with video clips, music, and pictures. We create the video and then you can upload it to your Gentreo Digital Family Vault to share it with your loved ones.

It’s a great way for your memories to live on with your family – something your loved ones will forever treasure. Just imagine the joy they would have to hear your voice and relive special moments. Make creating a memorial video part of your online estate plan.

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Why Leave a Memorial Message?

Sometimes in life we don’t get the chance to say things we want – telling someone how much they mean to you, expressing gratitude for something, or just wanting to share a feeling or a memory. Perhaps your son or daughter lives far away, or you don’t see your siblings or grandchildren as often as you would like. 

A memorial message gives you the chance to say final goodbyes, provide comfort to grieving loved ones, and send a personal message to your special people. It’s like having you right with them.

Leaving a Legacy

A memorial video is one way to share your legacy. Another is through what is known as digital legacy – your online content. This includes sentimental pictures, videos, and social media posts that can be shared after your passing. 

The best way to have peace of mind that your digital content can be accessed is by creating a digital legacy plan. This includes specific instructions of how and who can share your digital world.  

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In your online Will, you can grant authority to your personal representative/executor to log into your digital devices and computers so they can access your digital accounts. You should include specific instructions as to how you want your digital accounts handled.

Up to now, most social media content died with you. Recently, companies like Facebook and Apple started offering options where your digital memories can be accessed, shared, and enjoyed by those who mean so much to you. 

For example, Facebook offers Memorized Accounts where loved ones and friends can view a deceased loved one’s posts. Apple’s Digital Legacy Program lets you appoint a contact who can manage your iCloud content.   

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If you have a Google account, you can go into settings and choose who should be notified if the account becomes inactive and what content should be made available.

Estate Planning & Your Memories

Losing someone close is devastating. But with careful and proactive planning, your memories and legacy can live on with your loved ones. Let us help you create your memorial video and estate plan.


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