The Power of Financial Attorney: A Story of When and How


Imagine a scenario where a loved one is suddenly unable to manage their financial affairs due to an unexpected illness, accident, or even aging-related cognitive decline. In such situations, a Financial Power of Attorney (POA) becomes a powerful tool to ensure that your loved one’s financial matters are handled responsibly and in their best interest. Let’s dive into a story to understand the importance and application of a Financial Power of Attorney.

The Unexpected Crisis

Meet Sarah, a vibrant and independent woman in her early 70s. She had been managing her finances meticulously for years, always staying on top of her bills, investments, and savings. Her three children, who lived in different states, admired her self-sufficiency.

One sunny afternoon, while shopping for groceries, Sarah tripped and fell, suffering a severe head injury. She was rushed to the hospital and remained unconscious for several days. Her children, worried about her well-being, began to think about how to handle her finances during her incapacitation.

The Financial Power of Attorney

Two years ago, Sarah had been proactive in creating a Financial Power of Attorney as part of her estate planning. She had appointed her eldest daughter, Joan, as her agent to make financial decisions on her behalf in case she couldn’t do so herself. Now, the document was about to prove its significance.

Managing Sarah’s Finances

With the Financial Power of Attorney in effect, Joan could access Sarah’s bank accounts, pay her bills, manage her investments, and make financial decisions in her best interest. He could consult with financial advisors and make critical decisions to ensure her mother’s assets were protected.

Over the following weeks, Joan diligently managed her mother’s finances. She paid her medical bills, made sure her home and utilities were taken care of, and reviewed her investment portfolio to ensure it aligned with her long-term financial goals. All of these decisions were made with the utmost care, as per Sarah’s wishes.

The Peace of Mind

Sarah eventually woke from her coma, but her recovery was a long and arduous journey. Knowing that her financial matters were in capable hands gave her immense peace of mind. She didn’t have to worry about her bills going unpaid or her investments being mismanaged while she focused on her health.


Sarah’s story is a testament to the invaluable nature of a Financial Power of Attorney. Life can be unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances can disrupt our ability to manage our finances. Whether it’s an accident, illness, or even the natural progression of age, having a Financial Power of Attorney in place can provide a safety net for you and your loved ones.

The key takeaway from this story is the importance of proactive planning. It’s never too early to create a Financial Power of Attorney, and it’s a crucial element of a comprehensive estate plan. Learn more on Gentreo, Your peace of mind, like Sarah’s, is worth it.

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