What is a Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney for Health Care?

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A Health Care Proxy is the person you choose who will advocate for the treatment and care you want when you are unable to advocate for yourself. It is a legal document that declares who you have named to be this person. With the help of your Health Care Proxy, it is possible for you to have your health care decisions made on your behalf when you cannot due to health issues.

It is important to note that a Health Care Proxy does not make financial decisions – that is left to the person you appoint as your Power of Attorney. The Health Care Proxy can only make decisions related to your health care.

Reasons for Having a Health Care Proxy

None of us can predict the future; therefore, it is smart to name a Health Care Proxy in case you cannot communicate your wishes regarding your health. Instead of going to court and having family and friends fight over your future, it is easier and more affordable to choose someone close to you who will be able to make care and treatment decisions on your behalf.

Once you have selected your Health Care Proxy, this will be the person who represents your wishes and has the authority to speak for you legally. You will have the peace of mind knowing that there is someone you trust speaking for you when you cannot, instead of leaving decisions to strangers and the courts.

Example Decisions your Health Care Proxy Can Make

  1. Decisions related to medical care, which includes medicines, medical tests, and surgery
  2. The right to decline or request life-support treatments
  3. Decisions related to pain management, including refusal or authorization of procedures or medications
  4. Your admission to hospital, assisted living, nursing home or hospice
  5. Decisions about the selection of doctor, hospital where your treatment is managed
  6. The authority to approve the release of your medical records
  7. The power to take any legal actions to meet your healthcare requirements and rights
  8. To apply for different facilities like Medicaid, Medicare or other programs if applicable

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