Why 1:1 Coaching is So Important When Creating Your Will Online

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You’re ready to create your Will online but have a few questions. Not sure where to turn? Gentreo is here to help. We provide one-on-one coaching so you will fully understand everything you need to know about creating your state-specific Will and estate planning documents online.  

“Estate planning can be intimidating, and even when it’s made simple with a tool like ours, sometimes a bit more hand holding is needed,” explains Gentreo Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer Mary Kate D’Souza. “Now you can reach out and get that help.” 

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Connect to Our Experienced Coaches

Our experienced coaches are available by phone and/or online to provide guidance and education when creating your online estate planning documents. They will not only walk you through each step, but also explain what the documents are, how to create them, how they work, and how to use them. 

The coaches can also help you with:

  • Family Support – If you are caring for an aging parent or a loved one, they should have their own individual estate plan. Our coaches can help you create their plan and will go over with you what information is needed, what each document is, and how to organize them. If your parents or loved ones do not have an estate plan in place, you could end up dealing with a costly and lengthy legal mess.
  • Notarizing Documents – To make your estate plan valid, many of the documents must be notarized. Each state has different regulations for how documents are witnessed and signed. Gentreo’s expert coaches can help you find a notary in your state. Our partnership with eNotaryLog can help get your documents notarized online, if your state allows Remote Online Notarization.

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  • Using Your Secure Digital Vault – Learn how the Gentreo Digital Family Vault can securely store all your important documents and enables 24/7 access from anywhere by the loved ones you share access with. 
  • Sharing Your Legacy – The coaches will help guide you in creating legacy videos with personal messages to share with your loved ones. 
  • Preparing Your Family for an Emergency – You never know when a health emergency or a death will occur. Having the right documents at the ready will put the right people in charge and give them the legal authority to make critical decisions when a crisis hits. Our coaches will explain what documents you should consider and why. 

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  • Help Finding Resources – In addition to notaries, you will be assisted with locating funeral providers and other needed help.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Our coaches are not attorneys; Gentreo is not a law firm. So, if you need extra legal help preparing your online Will and other estate planning documents, our coaches can connect you to a licensed estate planning attorney in your state. Gentreo has partnered with expert estate planning attorneys in all 50 states so you will get the right advice and guidance in accordance with the laws in the state in which you live.

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Lifelong Support with Gentreo

Our support doesn’t stop after you’ve completed your online estate plan. As your life changes – death of a loved one, illness, acquiring/selling assets, divorce – whatever it might be, Gentreo, and our coaches, will be there to help you update your documents. 

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As explained by Gentreo Co-Founder and CEO, Renee Fry, we are with you through the journey.

“Estate planning is more than just a one time Trust, or one time Will,” she said.  “Life changes, memories are created. Marriages, babies, helping care for aging parents – all are important life events that mean our plans need to change, too. Gentreo is there for our customers throughout all of life.”


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