Why a Pet Emergency Card is a Good Idea

man in blue baseball hat sits outside with arm around dog as it licks his neck

We all know that our pets depend on us for everything. If something were to happen to you what would happen to your pet? With the Gentreo Pet Emergency Card in your wallet, first responders will know if you have a pet at home that needs you. It increases the likelihood that in the event of an emergency your pet will be taken care of by someone you love and trust.

What is the Gentreo Pet Emergency Card?

The Pet Emergency Card has your name, your pet’s name, your address, the name of your pet’s emergency contact, and their phone number. The front of the card reads “My pet is home alone! If I am injured, please notify the emergency contact on the back of this card.”

The card comes with a key fob that you can attach to your key ring, so your pet’s emergency information is readily available in the first places emergency responders tend to look. 

How can Gentreo help me protect my pet in more ways?

Gentreo Pets includes all of the necessary pet-specific estate planning documents – a Pet Power of Attorney, Pet Trust, and Pet Information Sheet – and costs $49 per year. When you sign up for Gentreo Pets, you get a free Pet Emergency Card. Membership includes secure storage in Gentreo’s proprietary Digital Vault, where you can share your pet protection documents with caregivers and other individuals of your choosing. With the Vault, anyone you choose can access documents and information in an emergency with just a couple of clicks.

Why should I join Gentreo Pets?

Having all your documents in one place makes it easily accessible for your pet’s caregiver. In case of emergency, if you’re traveling, or if you have a pet sitter watching over your pet for a short period of time, this information makes sure your pet is protected and cared for. If something were to happen to your pet while you’re away, having all this information in one place could save precious time. Don’t leave your pet unprotected or your pet sitter uninformed. Join Gentreo Pets today so you can make sure that you can prepare, plan for, and protect your pets. 


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